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Coating cabins

Fully Automatic Process Control
The DRA coats manually or fully automatically. The machine is mounted on load cells for automatic coating and the measured values are processed by a PLC. Up to 30 different recipes can be stored. The automated processing guarantees consistent quality of the final product.

Combination of Spraying and Pouring Methods of Fat-based Masse
The programmable controller makes it possible to combine spray nozzles for very small, light or bulky products such as puffed rice with the use of nozzle tubes for chocolate application. The advantage lies in the high capacity despite using awkward ingredients. The combined coating process can be controlled fully automatically by the programmable logic controller (PLC).

Efficient Production
A specially developed scraper system installed in the back area of the cabin cleans the belt between batches. After being appropriately screened the scraped off chocolate can be re-used.

New - Automatic Inside Scraper
A new, heated scraper system (patent filed) in the interior of the cabin keeps the chocolate build-up on the conveyor belt reduced; scraped chocolate is melted and recirculated into the coating process. Cleaning cycles are practically no longer required, which leads to significant time saved.

The polishing machine BPM is a consequence of the continuing development of the Wolf Coating System and matches the volume of the coating cabin. The polishing process is PLC controlled; the polishing agent is manually added.

Technical Data DRA
Type Output up to... Content Chocolate Connectioen Cooling Air Connection  
DRA 600 55 kg/h 60 l 3/4" 1 x 100 mm 1 x 140 mm
DRA 1200 225 kg/h 240 l 1 1/4" 2 x 140 mm 1 x 200 mm
DRA 1600 300 kg/h 330 l 1 1/4" 2 x 175 mm 2 x 200 mm
DRA 2000 600 kg/h 650 l 1 1/2" 2 x 200 mm 2 x 200 mm