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Coating cabins

WOLF Type DRA belt coating machines

Our Type DRA coating machines have very quickly established themselves worldwide and stand for sophisticated technology, quality and longevity. Constant new requirements and testing at our laboratory with different centres and fat masses have driven the development of the machine forward and made WOLF the market leader.

The use of a PLC control system means the machine can be controlled fully automatically in conjunction with the options (particularly with load cells) and the time spent by operators reduced to a minimum. A programmable recipe control system simplifies operation and ensures consistent quality of the finished product.

A range of options allow the machine to be adapted to the different requirements of the coating process. The use of spray nozzles, for example, also allows light products such as extrudates and flakes to be processed. The process control system also allows combination with the nozzle tube to allow switching between the application systems during production.

The use of a second nozzle tube allows the article to be coated with two different masses or a change of mass to be quickly completed. A belt scraper system on the back of the machine takes care of cleaning the belt, collecting the product residues in a drawer under the machine.

Optionally, a heated scraper can also be mounted in the production room, allowing the layer thickness of the chocolate mass on the belt to be reduced. The built-in heater liquefies the scraped material again so that it drips back into the production process. This means that a cleaning cycle is not required after each batch and saves time and coating mass.

The performance of the machine depends on several factors. We give you the opportunity to carry out testing and gain experience with your own centres and fat masses at our laboratory. For new machine orders, laboratory costs will be charged within three months.

4 types of coating cabin with different filling volumes are currently available. Output per hour, naturally, depends on the finished product required and the raw materials used.

DRA-600          With approx. 60 litres production volume
DRA-1200        With approx. 240 litres production volume
DRA-1600        With approx. 330 litres production volume
DRA-2000       With approx. 650 litres production volume

We will be happy to answer any further details on receipt of your request, or through a test at our laboratory.