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New machines


Decorating devices

Decorating devices

Type DW decorating machines

One of the first new machines in the range offered by WOLF is the Type DW decorating machine, which is available in three different versions and different working widths.

The Type DW-Z is ideal for a simple zig-zag pattern which, with easy operation and a low entry-level price, creates a simple zig-zag pattern on chocolates, cakes, biscuits and the like. Because of its simple design, it is also possible to produce this type in systems with high belt speeds and pointed patterns.

The Type DW is our standard all-purpose decorator. The structure is somewhat more complex, but also allows more sophisticated patterns. Manual adjustment of the X/Y axis means that circles, figures of eight and ornaments are also possible.

The Type DW-C is the most sold version and includes a control cabinet with PLC control. The control system applies the settings for the pattern and the individual speeds of the X/Y axis using servo motors and sensors monitor the position. Special patterns can be saved in the system with names and changed at any time during operation. The machine stops briefly, makes the appropriate adjustments and then restarts. A tremendously convenient solution for retrieving stored parameters for a pattern in just a few steps. Due to the servo motors, the Type DW-C is only available from a working width of 620 mm.

For all versions, our heated nozzle tube with nozzle cleaning is provided. The cleaning system is controlled pneumatically and works in a fraction of a second to remove any dirt from the nozzles. The settings for the cleaning cycle and heating are located in the control cabinet for the decorator.

The number and position of the nozzles can be freely chosen by the customer, and the smallest distance between the nozzles must be at least 4.5 mm. If screwable individual nozzles are used, the distance should not be less than 15 mm.

Flexible mass tubes are used to feed the nozzle tube. If required, mass tubes with built-in temperature sensors controlled by the decorator are available. If the decorator is fed with mass by a third-party product, a separate control cabinet for the mass tubes is available.

TypeWorking widthDW-ZDWDW-C
DW-320320 mm
DW-420420 mm
DW-520520 mm
DW-620620 mm
DW-820820 mm
DW-10501.050 mm
DW-13001.300 mm
DW-14001.400 mm