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New machines


Drop pouring machines

Drop pouring machines of type DDT and DD

Pouring machines of type DDT were designed for drop sizes of approx. 0.05 to 2 grams, and the replaceable pouring heads enable optimal loading on the cooling conveyor. The locking system designed specifically for the pouring plate prevents post-dripping of the nozzles and, in conjunction with the optional belt-lifting device, ensures that the drop pattern is clean.

The machine is equipped with a pouring system (hopper and pouring head) as standard. For maximum machine performance, two pouring systems are installed in the machine.

Other options, such as the rinsing system with its own feed pump, enable a shorter start-up time when switching from night to production mode. Moreover, a pneumatic lifting device can raise the pouring system to make maintenance and cleaning easier.

All functions are monitored and controlled by a PLC controller in a separate control panel. All work steps and routes can be precisely specified here, in order to enable an exact layer of drops on the belt.

Due to its weight-accurate settling of drops of various sizes, the machine has also been used for combined workflows. For example, the machine can be used to place drops and fixation points on products in order to ultimately attach decorations. For the production of bars, chocolate drops can be positioned on layers of granola for decoration. The design freedom in regards to the nozzle plate allows users to place “their” desired drop pattern at the desired position and in the required volume.

The pouring machine of type DD was developed for large drops from approx. 2 grams that are subsequently decorated with cereals or nuts, but pasty masses of grease can also be processed so that they can be placed on a cooling conveyor or on other items. The single-row pouring system is equipped with one pouring piston per item and a powerful drive.

The machine is offered in common working widths of 400, 620, 820, 1,050 and 1,300 mm, while the performance depends on the working width, grease content and the viscosity of the mass.

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