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New machines


Tempering machines UF/UW

Type UF and UW tempering machines

Our tempering machines have changed a great deal in recent years due to innovative developments. Due to a wide variety of requirement profiles for use of the machines, as well as the use of different masses, the standards to be met by the technical specifications has grown considerably.

All machines feature a PLC control system used to programme the selected equipment and intended use. From Type UF-200 to UF-1500-P, a storage hopper and a separate tempering unit are installed in the machines, enabling excellent tempering.

From Type UF-500-P, a mass pump is installed in the machines as standard, so that a consistent mass flow ensures consistently good tempering. In addition, frequency-controlled regulation of the mass pump allows adaptation to a wide variety of masses. The features of the types UF-200-P and UF-300-P with a mass pump are also optionally available.

An important stage in the development of tempering machines is their use with admixtures. To allow this, the mass pump, tempering system and accessories are matched to the requirements in question. The percentage share of admixtures and the particle size in each case are determined by tests at our laboratory.

Optional equipment features include a de-crystallisation stage, larger capacitors for warmer locations up to max 35°C, stainless steel pumps and accessories for feeding one-shot drop depositors. The range is completed by vibrating sieves with contact protection and control valves for the connection of flexible mass tubes. If required, tubes with built-in temperature sensors controlled by the tempering machine are available.

The Type UF is equipped with a cooling system for Type 134-A hydrocarbon compounds and is designed for ambient temperatures up to max 25° Celsius. From a gross capacity of approx. 300 kg per hour, the machines can be cooled with externally supplied cold water. The so-called Types UW-300-P to UW-1500-P are usually in a stationary design for the cold water connection and emit less heat into the production room.

The output of each machine depends on the fat content and viscosity of the individual masses. Machines in standard versions have the following gross capacity with normal viscous mass:

UF-/UW-100-P               Approx.   100 kg per hour with built-in vane pump
UF-/UW-200-P               Approx.   200 kg per hour with optional mass pump
UF-/UW-300-P               Approx.   300 kg per hour with optional mass pump
UF-/UW-500-P               Approx.   500 kg per hour with built-in mass pump
UF-/UW-750-P               Approx.   750 kg per hour with built-in mass pump
UF-/UW-1000-P             Approx. 1,000 kg per hour with built-in mass pump
UF-/UW-1500-P             Approx. 1,500 kg per hour with built-in mass pump

We will be happy to answer any further details on receipt of your request, or through a test at our laboratory.