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New machines


Nut kernel cutting machine

Nut kernel cutting machineThe machine cuts entire nut kernels into cubes. A pre-selected cutting width of the cutting units enables a repeatable product size. The two cutting units, which work independently from each other, are installed within a stable base frame made of stainless steel profiles and are connected to the control cabinet by means of a plug connection. The whole nuts are fed into the hopper from above and led to the first cutting unit through a vibratory chute.

A cellular wheel aligns the resulting slivers and transfers them to the second cutting unit where the cross cutting system cuts the slivers into cubes. The circular knife rolls are equipped with an autocleaning system in order to prevent a capacity decrease due to product remainings. Two cutting units with a cutting width of 4,0 mm or more are included in the quotation price. Smaller sizes in 0,5mm graduation are available against an additional charge.

Also against additional price a screening machine with two fractions can be installed after the cutting system in order to sort the products according to the pre-selected cutting size and to separate them from the dust.