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Portiomat W-PM

The Portiomat for the production of clusters of cereal and chocolate has been part of the product range since the mid-sixties.

This machine is characterized by its separate dosing system for cereals and chocolate, i.e. the raw materials are separately fed to the machine and mixed in the machine. This makes it easier to produce a product with less chocolate. It is also easier to change masses or raw materials, without having to run the machine empty or having to finish up the current mixture.

The separate dosing systems enable good weight control of the products, while still producing a unique product and placing it on the cooling channel.

The standard version features a dosing drum with corresponding drillings for the volume of cereals. A special version is equipped with variable dosing of the cereals and thus also enables the production of mass layers for broken goods.

The machine is suitable for processing a wide variety of cereals, whereby it must be ensured that these are pourable and not sticky. Powder to prevent clumping is also conceivable for certain products. This can be tested in our laboratory with your products and mass.

The machines are offered in the standard working widths of 400, 620, 820 and 1,050 mm.

The performance of the machines is not only dependent on the working width and number of channels, but also the type of cereals as well as the viscosity and fat content of the masses.

We will gladly provide further information with our offer and are available to personally answer your Questions.