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Sugar Cooler

Sugar Cooler

Continuous cooling of cooked sugar masses


The Wolf Sugar Cooler FWZ is the link between the toffee kitchen and the batch roller. Continuous precision chocolate tempering is the key to trouble-free downstream processing in the batch roller, the equalizing rollers, and cut and wrap machine. The drums are used in particular for the cooling of toffee, chewy candy, caramel and similar products; high boiled masses can also be drum cooled for further processing.
The simultaneous cooling of two differently coloured masses on one machine. Both masses are charged directly from the kitchen to parallel feed two batch rollers. Cooling water of +5°C to +30°C is necessary, depending on the type of mass to be cooled.

The machine conforms to the highest sanitary standards and is also available in special sizes in addition to the standard sizes. Each cooling drum can be upgraded with separating agent application devices.

Operator access platforms are available if required.

The capacity data in the cart are based on toffee masses, which are cooled from approx. 110°C to approx. 30°C. A cooling water infeed temperature of 12°C was used as a basis for these calculations. Deviant capacities are, of course, possible due to changed drum diameters.

Technische Daten

TypeCapacity approx.Drum diameterDimensions (L x B x H)
FWZ 400350 kg/h650 mm1720 x 1560 x 2800 mm
FWZ 600500 kg/h650 mm1720 x 1760 x 2800 mm
FWZ 800700 kg/h650 mm1720 x 1960 x 2800 mm
FWZ 1000850 kg/h650 mm1720 x 2160 x 2800 mm
FWZ 12001.000 kg/h650 mm1720 x 2360 x 2800 mm