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New machines


Tempering machines HYBRID

Type HYBRID tempering machines

Our new member of the family of tempering machines is the Type HYBRID.

The machine is very different in design and construction from, for example, our Type UF-200-P tempering machines. The storage hopper is made of stainless steel with an agitator.

The tempering system is positioned separately next to the hopper and has three tempering stages controlled separately. The control cabinet with a PLC control system allows exact control of the individual components and enables excellent tempering, even with small removal quantities.

A mass pump is installed as standard, so that a consistent mass flow ensures consistently good tempering. In addition, frequency-controlled regulation of the mass pump allows adaptation to a wide variety of masses.

The machine is ideal for use on drop depositors with low product quantities, or for trimming or decorating with differently coloured masses.

The output of each machine depends on the fat content and viscosity of the individual masses. Machines in standard versions have the following gross capacity with normal viscous mass:

UF-100-HYBRID            Approx.   100 kg per hour with built-in vane pump
UF-150-HYBRID            Approx.   150 kg per hour with built-in vane pump

We will be happy to answer any further details on receipt of your request, or through a test at our laboratory.