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New machines


Tempermeter TM-10


The tempermeter is designed to determine the degree of tempering of the chocolate mass. The device has a temperature measurement of the chocolate mass sample placed in a cooling device, displaying of the cooling curve in video graphics temperature – time ( temper curve ) in the device display. The device provides cooling of the chocolate mass sample at a given temperature in a thermostatically controlled chamber in which is placed the test object. You can store up to 30 recorded information in the internal memory or read out the measurement results using a computer.

Temperature measurement range from minus 10 to plus 50°C.

Inaccuracy range of temperature displaying : +- / 0,1°C.

Plug connectors : USB connection , sensor , 220 V. non-heating apparatus

Power voltage : 220 Volt – 50 Hz

Overall size : approx. 250 x 200 x 120 mm

Net weight : approx. 1,2 kg