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Agitator container

Agitator container type RB and RB-S

Agitator containers of type RB basically consist of a double-walled container, which is generally heated with hot water, and an agitator that keeps the mass moving steadily. The movement facilitates the exchange of heat on the inner wall and the homogeneous mixing of the fat masses.

The water jacket is generally heated through screw-in heaters mounted in the water jacket as well as a water circulation pump, which ensures distribution of the heat. Each cabinet is equipped with a control panel, which contains all necessary controls. Here, it is important to determine and regulate the temperature of the mass as well as the resulting water temperature. The water system is either open or equipped with a pressure vessel.

Optional load cells allow continuous control of the filling volumes.

Agitator containers are delivered in standard designs of 200 to 12,000 kg.

Our special mobile version types RB-S and RB-SE offer volumes of 100, 200 and 300 kg. Originally designed for use in laboratories, these containers have been used for a wide variety of applications for many years.

The container is also double-walled and available insulated on request. The mounted agitator keeps the mass in motion. Its drive is installed in the substructure. This is also where a mass pump is installed, which controls the frequency. Also mounted here is the necessary warm water system with water pump. A mass regulation valve for mass hoses and a vibrating screen are mounted in the discharge above the container.

All functions are controlled through the control cabinet, and heavy-duty rollers make the unit mobile. The container can optionally be mounted with a stainless steel mass pump and offered with suitable, flexible mass hoses.