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Coating machines

Coating machines type TC, E3 and ECO

The best-known series of small coating machines is the COMPACT series from WOLF. These machines include working widths of 320, 420, 520 and 620 mm.

Machines up to and including the 420 mm working width feature a combination of corresponding TC-type coating heads and one of the versatile UF tempering machines of type UF with built-in freon cooling.

The machines with a working width of 520 and 620 mm are standalone designs with installed freon or water cooling, as required.

All machines are controlled with a PLC controller, which is required for temperature control and the coating area. The machine basically features an adjustable double veil box and an adjustable ground barrier. Excess chocolate can be reduced with the frequency-controlled fan or the jogging shaft. Covers or flaps are provided to keep the heated coating room from cooling off, and a heating system keeps the floor trough at a warm, steady temperature. A detailer removes excess chocolate from the items and keeps the conveyor belts clean.

The enrobers of the E3 series are provided in working widths of 820, 1,050, 1,300 and 1,400 mm.

These feature all the same equipment familiar from the TC series. But these permit other options, such as a second veil box, second blower, negative belt run or product hold-down device.

These machines also have a PLC controller installed for controlling all functions. Enrobers from a working width of 820 mm use so-called “external” temperature control. This means that a separate tempering machine is connected in the immediate vicinity of the enrober, which provides excess tempered mass in the enrober. This ensures that a sufficient amount of freshly tempered mass is available at the veil box at all times. Excess mass is conveyed back to the intermediate container by means of a return pump through a decristalizer.

We can also offer an ECO series on request, which is a stripped-down variant without further options, offering an affordable alternative.

We will gladly provide additional information on request.